The Role of the Minute Taker

The role of the minute taker in any meeting is vital.  It does not matter how good a meeting has been, how many points were covered or what actions were agreed, if this meeting is not properly documented, recorded and followed-up then it will potentially have been a waste of time.

The role of the minute taker has changed a lot in recent times.  Two major changes have occurred, first of all the job of taking the minutes is no longer jus the domain of secretaries and P.A.s, in fact the minute taker in many meetings is now often just someone who has been collared and roped in on the way to the meeting itself.  We have noticed this most on our public minute taking courses where the range of different people coming to the meeting has changed dramatically over the last few years.

The second major advancement is related to technology.  Minutes are now often expected to be recorded directly onto a laptop or other electronic device.  This can be a very effective way of taking the minutes but the principles for recording the meeting remain the same as they were when people used quills and inkwells.

If anyone ever tells you by the way that the minute taking role is anything but vitally important just point out to them that Karl Marx began as a minute taker as did Lord Citrine.

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